We bring together pasta lovers, wine drinkers, and all their wild children. We make memories. We make pasta.

52 pastas, 52 salads, 52 stories... A year of memories

Every week I cook a giant pot of pasta, and every week there's a different sauce. I also throw together a big, hearty salad. And that's it. No dessert, no appetizers. Once in a while I'll make herby garlic bread or some homemade fresh mozzarella, but only if I feel like it. Guests bring the wine. A bottle per person, because we drink every last drop. Every week there's around 30 adults and a handful of kids, but even so, every week I get to sit and eat and connect. This is not about entertaining. This is about gathering and building a community.

Our Mission

Our sole purpose is to bring people together to share a meal. Simple, right? It used to be. Back when we'd gather at our grandparents' house for Sunday supper after church, or for the Sabbath dinner on Friday nights, or whatever your family's weekly tradition was. But we've lost it. We've moved away from our families, we work too much, we over schedule. 

In a time of never-ending social media and technology, we're craving face-to-face interaction. We find out about friends’ engagements from Facebook. We see our nieces for the first time on Instagram. We have lost the intimate connection to the friends and family who we care about the most. And with that, we have lost our support system. We rarely have friends to hold us up, to support us when things go wrong. We have lost the connection that allows us to call a neighbor when we run out of sugar, or when we need a babysitter in the middle of the night for an emergency. But we can have that again!

Pasta Friday gives you the big Italian family you've always wanted, without the plastic-covered couches.

The pasta friday cookbook

The Pasta Friday cookbook will not only have all 52 pasta recipes and 52 salad recipes, but also a guide to show you how to maximize your time when preparing all the food, and how to make sure everything is done before your guests arrive. It'll also have tips on how to handle your email list, how to make clean-up quick and easy, and what to do with all those kids in your house.