Pasta Louise: Fresh Pasta Counter Coming to Park Slope

pasta louise small logo.jpeg

Hi neighbors, my name is Allison, and I’m opening a pasta restaurant on 8th Ave. in Brooklyn.

Pasta Louise will be a neighbor gathering spot to eat some pasta, grab a glass of wine, hang out with friends, have some hot chocolate. You can pick up a coffee on the way to work, and maybe dinner on your way home. I know there’s a ton of great pasta in Park Slope, but I think mine will be slightly different. My cooking is simple, casual and comforting. I’ll have salads, vegetable sides, and tasty things to add to your pasta, like burrata, mushrooms, broccoli and pancetta.

I grew up in New York, but spent a decade out in Oakland, CA, where I co-founded a mac + cheese restaurant. I moved back here to be closer to my family, and I’m so happy I get to build this business with them by my side.

Giving Back to Brooklyn

Pasta Louise won’t be just about the pasta. A big part of my business will focus on the ways we are giving back to the community. One of my major initiatives is the Pasta Rose Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to high school students in Brooklyn who have lost a parent to cancer, helping them achieve their goals and pay for college. All of you can support the scholarship fund by taking a pasta-making class, ordering specific items on the menu and looking out for other monthly events at the restaurant. I will also be donating daily meals to people in hospice, giving them something delicious to eat for their last meals.