When you eat together, friends Become family,
neighbors become friends.

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Pasta Friday is a weekly gathering of pasta-lovers, wine drinkers, and all their wild children.

Unwind. Connect. Create bonds and support systems. Our grandparents understood the importance of eating together. Of sitting down, face-to-face, and sharing a meal with your community. But it's harder now. Finding the time to cook and entertain every single week seems impossible. 

I can show you how to start your own Pasta Friday. How to shop, prep and prepare to host a weekly gathering that will change your life.

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Photography provided by Denise Woodward.

AbouT Pasta FRiday

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Whether you have a couple of hours to prepare or a couple of days, you can host your own weekly dinners. Are you ready to start your own Pasta Friday? Find Out How →

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Pasta Friday is the highlight of my week. What an amazing thing – to eat, drink and catch up with friends every single Friday!
— Stephanie Levy, pasta lover and wine drinker